Treat Your Boat To The Benefits Of A Fiberglass Deck

A fiberglass deck is a good option for a boat, especially when you need something durable and waterproof. If there are living quarters beneath the deck, for example, fiberglass will prove to be an ideal surface. There is always a merit in using fiberglass on a boat, as it is a material which is durable enough even to be used in the body of a boat. It is an extremely strong material, once it has been refined into the finished product. It is only malleable when the resin is heated, and it dries and goes hard extremely quickly.

One of the reasons why fiberglass is used so often on boats is that it can cope so well with the elements, and this is as good a reason as any to use it as a boat deck. The hard wearing properties of fiberglass will mean that the deck will need much less maintenance, and the risk of any major repair work being needed is minimal. When you factor in the repair expenses to the overall expense of running a boat, you will quickly see the benefits of fiberglass. Although it is impossible to quantify the expenses of other materials exactly, estimates can be made based on expectations and averages.

The alternative materials are basically wood, and vinyl plastic covering. Wood carries with it an inherent increase in fire risk, which even on a boat can be extremely serious. It is also far less able to cope with prolonged exposure to the elements. A wooden deck will need a lot more cleaning and maintenance, and if you ever reach the stage where the wood begins to buckle and warp, you are looking at a huge bill for full replacement. Even a vinyl covered deck, with the added protection that this will give you, is unlikely to last more than a few years.

It also needs to be pointed out that a fiberglass deck can be made to have virtually the same appearance as a wooden one anyway. It is common in homes across the continent for fiberglass to be made to look like wood, so it has the traditional appearance of the material it is replacing. This wood can be virtually any type, as fiberglass is easy to color and stain. The same effect can be achieved on a boat, and the deck can be made to fit in with the rest of the fittings.

If your boat is not already fitted with a fiberglass deck, you can still have one fitted. Unless you have experience of building, maintaining and repairing boats, this is not a job you should attempt yourself. Any savings you make on labor charges are sure to be eaten away with more repairs, or even the nightmare of having to take the whole structure down and start again. Have a qualified expert fit your fiberglass deck.


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